get lost

The Ultimate Adventure

If you’re tired, stressed and looking for the antidote to your busy, modern lifestyle, committing to a trip with Get Lost is it.

Imagine packing for a getaway or planning for an itinerary you know nothing about? Forget all that. Make sure you’ve got the essentials (including a healthy dose of wanderlust), then gear up for the ultimate adventure. Get Lost will take you to an unknown, uncharted destination and your sole responsibility will be to explore and get through it. Now that’s engaging in the moment

experience includes

  • Get Lost is the ultimate experience for helping people to disconnect, engage in the moment and push themselves to achieve a truly wonderful sense of satisfaction
  • Get Lost takes you to unknown, uncharted destinations and charges you with exploring your way through them
  • By starting with the feeling of being genuinely lost, you will set out (under the distant watch of a dedicated support team) to find your inner steel, beliefs and passion to lead yourself to their journey’s end
  • Commit to taking a trip with Get Lost, without knowing where you’re going or what you’ll need. Black Tomato and søster will take care of the rest. All you’ll know is to show up at the airport and find out what’s next
  • Complete experience management throughout
  • Exclusively designed by Black Tomato