With today’s current climate crisis, we believe in the positive influence travel can have. Let us help you tailor your personal carbon offset project.

By choosing to support UN Gold Standard certified carbon offset projects, you’re making a difference to your corporate emissions and helping fund the economy of the places you’re travelling to. We help you select a carbon offset project – perhaps funding a wind project in India or supporting a reforestation project in Panama… You can also get involved in our community projects that support sustainable travel.

At søster, we believe in the positive influence travel can have. Not just for individuals and their experiences but for the destinations that receive them and the world as a whole.​

Travel has always helped fund local economies and has, particularly in recent years, become increasingly adept at preserving culture and supporting conservation of lands and protection of ecosystems. ​

Carbon Offsetting
Choose to support UN Gold Standard-certified carbon offset projects. We will work with our carbon auditors to calculate your corporate emissions and select an offset project to support. In previous quarters we have offset carbon emissions through the purchasing of fuel-efficient cookstoves in Kenya, funding of a wind project in India, and supporting a reforestation project in Panama.​

Community Projects
Our carefully selected partners around the globe support sustainable travel and actively work to improve the communities in which they operate – this includes supporting micro-economies in Cambodia, the protection of the endangered rhino population in Kenya, and supporting sustainable tourism in the Indian Subcontinent.​

Please speak to us about your specific itinerary and destination so we can share details of how you can offset your trip. ​