American Airlines x British Airways: The Best of Both Worlds

American Airlines x British Airways: The Best of Both Worlds

The Objective

American Airlines approached us with the aim to educate high-net-worth Business Class travellers in London on the partnership between British Airways and American Airlines.

The Insight

The subject of the video needed to focus not on the services themselves, but rather serve as a more subtle campaign based around the cultural differences between the British and American audiences. In order to create a conversation space for two cultures to talk and be open, the work had to be culturally sensitive and considered, but also entertaining.

The Advice

The decision to choose a particular airline, especially for long-haul travel, is practical but also considered and emotional. In the end, our proposal was simple. We put two charismatic American and British influencers – Danny Care (UK Rugby) and Jason Bell (US Football) – alongside chef and entrepreneur Sandia Chang and chef and author Florence Knight. These pairings were chosen as they each had similar professional backgrounds but were from completely different places. Putting them in a room together and filming their conversations as they explore their professional and personal similarities and differences made for a rousing and powerful conversation.

The content we captured from just one day in a London studio was fantastic. Interesting, engaging and often comical – the videos are the perfect addition to a campaign aimed at highlighting the similarities, differences, but most importantly the fantastic benefits of American Airlines and British Airways working together. 

The Lasting Impression

Our hope was to change perceptions. The resulting work created a conversation between two cultures within a paid-for video ad that drove people towards the wider campaign microsite. Our video helped not just convince new customers that the partnership had benefits but more importantly re-assure existing customers that they would be improving their experience in a way that was consistent with both brands’ tone-of-voice and marketing to date. 

The Best of Both Worlds with Sandia Chang & Florence Knight
The Best of Both Worlds with Danny Care & Jason Bell