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soster is a nomadic team of thought leading creative and experiential experts.

We leverage untapped travel insights to create borderless strategies that enable luxury brands to connect, motivate and inspire their brand partners and customers, by building deeper connections.

the company we keep.

how do we create transformative experiences
that build lasting brand loyalty?

Here at søster, we take a bespoke approach to every new brief. Through years of experience and fine-tuning, we’ve developed five pillars that serve as our bedrock when designing any experience, be that for B2C or B2B campaigns. These core principles enable us to bring your brand values to life like never before, whilst inspiring lasting brand loyalty in your attendees.

transformation through transcendence.

Your experience needs to enable attendees to transcend from one state, the one they arrive in, to an infinitely better one, a higher one, through your brand’s values.


In order to build brand loyalty, and to make your attendees feel valued, only those who engage most positively with your brand will gain access to these experiences.

never been done before.

Whatever we do, it has to be a first of its kind – whether it’s an innovative new take on an old idea or something that’s never been done before, our activations have to be adding something new to the world.

highly PR-able.

If we want the rest of the world to talk about your activation, it needs to blow them away. Every experience is built with one question in mind: “what are the headlines going to say?”

uniquely brand-centric

Whether it’s a trip, event or experience, your activation needs to be uniquely aligned to your brand values. We make activations ownable, so they stand out as experiences that could only be created by your brand.

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