Introducing The søster A to Z of Experiences

Introducing The søster A to Z of Experiences


If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s delivering unexpected and unforgettable travel experiences that allow brands to have a serious impact on their audiences. In fact, we’ve created industry-leading work for global brands in over 100 countries, and won several awards along the way. 

Being sister to a world-renowned travel company means we have a unique standpoint; innovation and curiosity are part of our DNA. We harness Black Tomato’s data insight and access across all corners of the globe, which gives us an unparalleled understanding of the entire travel market. This includes everything from customer behaviour to future trend forecasting.


From sky-high thrills to underwater escapades, we’ve got the big ideas to make our clients’ incentives, prizes, press trips, and events the most talked about. That’s where the søster A-Z of Experiences comes in. Work your way through the 26 letters and you’ll find it’s no ordinary alphabet, but a taster of some of the incredible travel experiences we conceptualise, deliver and craft unforgettable campaigns with. 

Whatever the idea we are presented with, our mission is always to make it memorable. For the full list and to learn more, click here.