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søster is a London-based destination management consultancy made up of thought leading creative and experiential experts.

We leverage untapped travel insights and local, on-the-ground knowledge to create events and experiences in London that connect, motivate and inspire attendees, whilst enabling businesses to build deeper connections with the people who are most important to them.

why London?

Each year 21 million tourists flock to the UK’s capital, attracted by its rich history, diversity, attractions, shopping and nightlife. The city has something for everyone. It is a global meeting place that’s focused on a greener future whilst offering a melting pot of innovation, heritage and culture.


With six airports as well as direct rail links to mainland Europe, London is the perfect place to host an event with an audience coming from all over the world.

sector relevance

The UK is the world’s highest net exporter of financial services and London, with its convenient time zone and feather-light regulations, vies with New York as the world’s financial capital. The two cities regularly swap places as the number one and number two global financial hubs.

event infrastructure

The city has the kind of infrastructure needed to organise an event of any size or scope.


London is an environmentally friendly city with a comprehensive ‘green’ policy and ambitious targets set by the current Mayor of London.


London is on a slightly different time zone to most of Europe, providing a little more time for attendees to travel to the event.

the company we keep.

creating experiences that leave a lasting impression in london

Here at søster, we take a bespoke approach to every new brief. Through years of experience and fine-tuning, we’ve developed five pillars that serve as our bedrock when designing any London-based experience. These core principles enable us to bring your brand values to life like never before, whilst inspiring lasting brand loyalty in your attendees.

transformation through transcendence.

Your experience needs to harness the wealth of opportunities that London offers to enable attendees to transcend from one state, the one they arrive in, to an infinitely better one, a higher one, through your brand’s values.


In order to build brand loyalty, and to make your attendees feel valued, only the employees who engage most positively with your brand will gain access to these experiences.

never been done before.

It’s not easy in London but, whatever we do, it has to be a first of its kind – whether it’s an innovative new take on an old idea or something that’s never been done before, our activations have to be adding something new to the capital and the world.

highly PR-able.

If we want the rest of the world to talk about your time in London, we need to blow your attendees away. Every experience is built with one question in mind: “what are the headlines going to say?”

uniquely brand-centric

Whether it’s an incentive trip, an event or an immersive experience, your activation needs to be uniquely aligned to your brand values. We’ll ensure your activation in London is ownable, setting experiences that could only be created by your brand.

Are you ready to take London by storm?

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