Airbnb: Night At

Airbnb: Night At

The Objective

We have an exclusive relationship with Airbnb and were tasked with helping bring to life the concepts of their ‘Night At…’ series, as well as managing the competition mechanic across the globe for various award-winning experiences.

The Insight

We had a bulk of research and in-house expertise into the brand style, ethos and needs for this style of event, having worked with Airbnb across their past four exclusive ‘Night At…’ campaigns. Based on this experience, we were familiar with how to deliver the competition mechanic, how to moderate and judge the entries, and how to fulfil a host of incredible experiences.

The Advice

Our advice was to go big or go home. From spending the night aboard the BBC’s research vessel The Alucia and sleeping on the Great Wall of China, to regenerating an Italian village and sleeping alone with the Mona Lisa, the experiences we curated were one-of-a-kind. Our team is currently working with Airbnb and their winners, to make sure the experience is fulfilled to perfection.

The Lasting Impression

So far, the campaign has generated a huge amount of interest, with the Italian Sabbatical alone receiving over 280,000 entries, and 182,000 people entering the Night At The Louvre competition. Each campaign is multi-territory and requires the team to not only moderate and judge the entries, but also translate and score them against predetermined criteria. We create the Ts&Cs for each market and manage the compliance for each territory, covering in excess of 20 individual markets. The partnership with the BBC & The Alucia won Gold at the 2018 IPM COGS Awards. The impact of this campaign is still unfolding, and the extent of the prizes are yet to be fulfilled. Check back here soon for the lasting impact of this fantastic campaign.