Belmond La Samanna: The Sparkling Gem of St Martin

Belmond La Samanna: The Sparkling Gem of St Martin

The Objective 

After the devastation of Hurricane Irma, tourists visiting the idyllic island of St. Martin was at an all-time low. Our goal was to bring to life the original sparkling gem of St. Martin and showcase the elegant property, dazzling private beaches and the unique experiences guests could enjoy. 


The Insight 

Perched above Baie Longue, St. Martin’s spectacular beach, we worked closely with Belmond La Samanna to create a highly engaging and awareness driven video to re-promote the luxurious resort residing on the island.

The Advice 

Designed to show off the unique French Caribbean quirks of the island mixed with the tranquillity and luxury of the resort, we created a captivating video that mixed cinematic quality with feeling grounded and accessible. It was important to show the blend between the refurbished, safe feeling of the island, combined with the pure beauty and luxury of it. 

The Lasting Impression 

The video was distributed across Belmond’s online channels;, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and their PR network. The video campaign was incredibly successful and documented a rise in bookings post the devastation of Hurricane Irma and the consequent dip in tourism on the island.