Boscolo: Tag Line

Boscolo: Tag Line

The Objective 

søster were approached by iconic Italian travel brand Boscolo Travel to produce an engaging video highlighting the brand’s traditional values as a family business, as well as their uniquely tailored approach to service. 

The Insight 

Boscolo sets itself above competitors through the quality of service and customer care, and we, therefore, wanted to create an emotionally driven film to reflect this commitment to consumers. We got to work and created a detailed storyboard that showcased visual footage tied in with the core values of Boscolo Travel.  

The Advice 

Using purely stock footage, we delivered a visually epic video showcasing some of the different destinations and variety of experiences offered by Boscolo Travel around the world. The video clips were interwoven with travel ‘micro moments’ in order to humanise the video for an audience seeking authentic travel experiences. This was coupled with a voice-over from the company’s founder, Giorgio Boscolo, adding a highly personal and natural tone to the film which accentuated the brand’s traditional values and curated approach to travel.  

The Lasting Impression 

The video delivered was highly emotive and was relatable to the target audience, connecting consumers to the brand as well as to its history and heritage. The film now proudly sits on their website, and in cut-down from across their social channels, largely targeting the Italian market whilst retaining global relevance and appeal.