Bvlgari: Omni-Channel Shopping Campaign

Bvlgari: Omni-Channel Shopping Campaign

The Objective

As Bvlgari prepared to unveil its new omnichannel shopping service, we were asked to come up with a video concept using fashion influencers to launch and promote the offering. The campaign had to showcase the many features of the service (from online shopping and live chat to delivery at your requested location), whilst demonstrating the ease of incorporating exquisite Bvlgari accessories into everyday style. 

The Insight

Our idea was to create a series of four launch videos, each seamlessly weaving different aspects of the omnichannel into the daily routine of an influencer. We wanted to show how the new service fits in with the most hectic of schedules and capture both the essence of each influencer’s individual style and the spirit of the Bvlgari brand as a whole.  

The Advice

With bold music, vibrant colour, and a quick pace, we wanted this series to embrace the notion of being able to look and feel extraordinary each day, with Bvlgari as a key facilitator to this. In order to recruit the appropriate influencers, we did in-depth analytics research into the applicability of certain influencers matched with Bvlgari’s key audience. We wanted each video to showcase a specific service whilst feeling authentic and embodying the style of each individual. They showcased each service uniquely, from collecting new purchases in-store, to placing orders by phone to be delivered to a hotel room in London. We delivered these bite-sized stories with the core aim of highlighting the ease of purchasing a Bulgari piece.

Doina Ciobanu 

Doina is a successful influencer and model based in London. As part of the new millennials who harness and direct the power of digital platforms, Doina is highly entrepreneurial and actively involved in different causes including talking about environmental issues and pushing for the fashion industry to become more sustainable. 

Susie Bubble 

Susie is one of the most recognised and renowned fashion influencers from the UK, hailed as one of the original fashion bloggers to mould the influencers scene. With a strong opinion on the latest fashion movements as a fashion contributor for the likes of and The Guardian, she regularly speaks globally at conferences about the role of social media in fashion and the relationship between print and digital. 

Soraya Bakhtiar 

Soraya is a well-known, fashion influencer living in London with a background in Fashion Journalism, having worked for leading publications Elle UK and Tank magazine. She prides herself in supporting emerging fashion labels, whether it be styling, contributing to product developments or execution of a brand visual identity to contribute to their success. 

Wendy Yu 

Wendy is a highly ambitious and successful fashion investor who is both the founder and CEO of the company Yu Holdings, a company that funds a variety of technological and creative progressions in the Chinese fashion industry. With a passion for fashion, Wendy has been instrumental in supporting the industry, with Vogue describing her as “one of the youngest as well as one of the most significant donors in fashion today”. 

The Lasting Impression

This campaign skyrocketed Bvlgari’s worldwide digital expansion and have subsequently launched a new e-commerce platform with an additional seven countries using complex AR and 3D imagine. Much of this consequent digital work stemmed from the original omni-channel shopping service.