Cadillac: Drives You Forward

Cadillac: Drives You Forward

The Objective

Cadillac approached us to deliver a content strategy, video, content and web design services that would help launch their new XT5 crossover in the U.S. The work had to epitomise the key brand attributes of the car: sophistication, optimism and boldness, whilst fitting with the Cadillac mantra of ‘dare greatly’.

The Insight

Our strategic work started with desk research and interviews. The insights from this were essential in order to lay strong foundations for an impactful campaign. From here, we were able to develop an innovative strategy that positioned the luxurious and daring Cadillac brand at the heart of adventure and limitless possibility.

The Advice

We created a five-video series spanning four continents that covered the stories of five inspiring, bold, sophisticated, optimistic influencers, carefully chosen to amplify Cadillac’s key messaging. The influencers were used to show terrain variety in different locations and to appeal to many different types of audiences using well-known, forward-thinking individuals that all adopted the ethos of the Cadillac brand.

Hafdis Jonsdottir, Fitness Entrepreneur | Iceland 

Hafdis Jónsdóttir is a successful, powerful and forward-thinking businesswoman, living and working in Iceland, the jaw-dropping land of fire and ice. 

Josefina Larrain Lagos, Hacienda Restorer | Mexico 

Josefina is a creative, adventurous and free-spirited designer who has pioneered hacienda restoration in the Yucatan after impulsively taking a chance and following a dream. 

Colin Bell, Conservationist | Botswana 

Colin is a passionate, inspirational and ground-breaking wildlife conservationist. He is one of the early initiators and practitioners of the ‘Green Safari’ model, creating sustainable tourism in his native Africa in partnership with rural communities. 

Raya Ani, Architect | Dubai 

Raya is an award-winning, passionate architect who splits her time between Dubai and New York shaping new and ground-breaking urban environments. 

Tyler Jarosz, Mountain Bike Entrepreneur | Montana 

Tyler is a ruthlessly hard-working, innovative, driven entrepreneur and mountain biker from Bozeman, Montana. 

Andre Mack, Sommelier | New York 

André is a renowned sommelier, winemaker and author who typifies Cadillac’s mantra of daring greatly and going against the grain to achieve greatness. 

The Lasting Impression

The campaign received so much attention that a 6th video was commissioned with cinematic Søster quality and quick turnaround. Each video was paired with a bookable itinerary and editorial on along with a microsite that we built specially to house the campaign.