Cayman Islands Department of Tourism: The Perfect Connection

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism: The Perfect Connection

The Objective 

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism approached us at søster for help promoting their destination to a high-end US audience.  

The Insight 

Just a short flight away from the islands, neighbouring Cuba had seen a huge rise in tourism since US relations improved in 2014 and had become a leading destination. We came up with a targeted strategy of piggybacking using an influencer led video to enhance the culture of Cayman and attract US travellers to connect with the location.

The Advice 

Based on this strategic insight, we delivered a multi-faceted digital campaign, with a video showcasing the fantastic highlights and ease of travel between both destinations at its core. In order to target our time-poor audience who want to see and understand everything they’re getting before they go – quickly and efficiently – we included renowned luxury travel influencer (and co-founder of Black Tomato Group) Tom Marchant. 

The Lasting Impression 

Supported by a stunning, illustrated digital map and a bookable itinerary, this campaign effectively and creatively illuminated a unique new travel experience, whilst offering the client a clear ROI through direct bookings – the ultimate goal for any tourism body.