Chable: Redefining Wellness

Chable: Redefining Wellness

The Objective 

Awarded globally for their incredible resorts in Mexico, Chable have created a very special approach to wellness. Our challenge was to capture the essence of their approach and find a way of communicating it which did not fall into the clichés of the wellness category.  

The Insight 

The Chable approach to wellness has evolved throughout the creation of their flagship property in Merida. So, firstly, our team visited the property there to complete a comprehensive audit on customer experience and analyse it against the brand values. This site visit gave us a real look into the connection that Chable as a brand has with nature, and the consequent activities and gastronomy that trickles into their resort as a result of this respect for nature.   

The Advice 

From this strategic visit, we saw that Chable’s link with wellness is evident in their connection and respect for nature, their world-class cuisine which just happens to be gluten-free and their activities, that are not traditionally associated with a wellness resort, such as their cigar bar and the world’s largest private collection of tequila. 

We kept these insights at the heart of our brand strategy and advised on how to keep this positioning across the full group including naming, service and communications, making sure to show pride in the philosophy while never letting it compromise the customer experience. 

The Lasting Impression 

The brand was fleshed out with comprehensive business and communications recommendations looking at the smallest details in the customer experience (from welcome to exit) as well as the bigger brand decisions such as the architecture and naming of future resorts.