City Unscripted: Exploring a City With the People Who Love It

City Unscripted: Exploring a City With the People Who Love It

The Objective

Consumers today feel a noticeable conflict – a desire to get the most out of a city but a feeling that tour guides can be uninterested, unengaging, and ultimately only hold a one-way conversation. Founder Nick Whitfield had travelled to Johannesburg and noticed how differently a local would show them around the city and how it allowed a much deeper connection to that destination, especially when contrasted with how stale and scripted the tour guide industry had become.

Our challenge was to bring City Unscripted’s message and service to life in an original way that positioned their brand far away from tour guide-based businesses which had become the norm of the sector.

The Insight

We approached this challenge by interviewing hosts across the globe in search of the special ingredients that made a City Unscripted experience. We found that the strength in the City Unscripted experience was within their individual hosts – each with their own unique connection to the culture of their city – and the unscripted nature of the experience they offered.

The Advice

To demonstrate our findings in a unique way, we focused on understanding the personalised experiences which customers could enjoy with hosts. The team audited the City Unscripted catalogue of customer experiences, their market positioning, and the communications of their competition internationally. This culminated in a workshop with the key leadership team to decide on the future direction of the brand.

The Lasting Impression

We provided City Unscripted with a full refresh to their website, internal communications and overall branding, leading the business to substantial growth through investment.