CNN Carreiros: Unearthing Award-Winning Culture

CNN Carreiros: Unearthing Award-Winning Culture

The Objective

CNN commissioned us to source curious local modes of transport for a special video piece, and deliver a film that was both emotive and engaging.  

The Insight

We worked with our in-house travel experts to scour the globe for a story to tell. What we found was spectacular. In the hills of Madeira, an unusual mode of transport invented 200 years ago is today a national icon and attraction. We went behind the commercial image that recent tourism has given the Carreiros of Monte. What we discovered when we sent our video team to the ‘pearl of the ocean’ to talk to Nando Gama and his fellow Carreiros, was that it takes strength, stamina and deep pride to keep their ancient transport tradition alive in the modern world. 

The Advice

The video combined Nando’s heartfelt words and the incredible landscapes of the island, resulting in an emotive, engaging and insightful travel story. The video serves as a reminder of the incredible value of being able to unearth and tell great stories from around the world, demonstrating an example of how culture connects us. 

The Lasting Impression

The resulting film about the Carreiros of Monte not only delivered an emotive story but also went on to win prices for innovative filmmaking in media. The response by the travel and media industry was overwhelming; the film won ‘Best Video by a Media Company’ in Citizine’s Travel Video Awards and was nominated for ‘Best Campaign’ in the Travel + Tourism category in The Drum Advertising Awards.