Destination Canada: An Extraordinary Life

Destination Canada: An Extraordinary Life

The Objective

For this project, we were tasked with bringing to life Canada’s hugely diverse and inspiring landscapes and connecting them with their target audience through the form of a luxurious book that could be emailed or mailed directly.  

The Insight

There are few things that tell the story of a destination better than its inhabitants. So to bring Canada’s culture and landscapes to life, we asked a handful of locals to show us the extraordinary side of their everyday. We identified a selection of locals and challenged each to spend a week capturing their daily life and environment in a series of photos, uncovering the everyday sights for them that are truly spectacular sights for others.  

The Advice

‘Canada: An Extraordinary Life’ was our creative concept that painted the most truthful depiction of an extraordinary country. The editorial was incredibly impactful, demonstrating the beauty of Canada through different stories, including that of a mountain rescue guide in the Rockies, to a professional chef in Toronto. These people show us the true diversity of rich experience within the provinces and deliver a book that can be digested and emotionally impactful to a wide range of viewers. 

The Lasting Impression

Accompanied by insightful conversations written up by our editorial team, these photographic stories were then compiled into a luxurious book and sent to clients by direct mail, distributed to carefully selected partners and displayed as an online edition.