Diageo: Celebrating American Whiskey Country

Diageo: Celebrating American Whiskey Country

The Objective 

Diageo tasked us with creating a video series about part of their whiskey portfolio, with the core aim to drive awareness of the brands and promote distillery visits as part of travel to American whiskey country. 

The Insight 

With travel in our DNA and some discerning whiskey drinkers in our midst, we were perfectly placed to storyboard this series of discovery videos across Kentucky and Tennessee. Led by co-founder, Tom Marchant, we took viewers on a journey to get under the skin of American whiskey country, stopping at the Bulleit and George Dickel distilleries along the way. The team embarked on a familiarisation trip to the destinations in order to understand the deep-rooted connection that American Whiskey has to the roots and the best way to display this cinematically.  

The Advice 

This familiarisation trip helped form the basis of the four atmospheric videos delivered as part of this campaign. We accompanied these concepts with carefully curated bookable itineraries to inspire travel to the area to further boost awareness and credibility.  

The Lasting Impression 

The four leave behind videos helped with brand reach and awareness to the target audience. The video campaign is still live and used in marketing for specific Whiskeys.  

Studio Black Tomato x American Whiskey Country 

Studio Black Tomato x George Dickel Tennessee Whisky 

Studio Black Tomato x Bulleit Frontier Whiskey