E.ON: Fresh Air Getaways

E.ON: Fresh Air Getaways

The Objective 

E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy providers, approached us to help them plan and execute a campaign centred on clean air quality. They wanted to give their customers a taste of the clean air quality they are striving towards as a company by rewarding consumers with a chance to win one of thirty ‘Fresh Air Getaways’. With our expertise in curating and planning unique travel experiences, we were well-equipped to fulfil the brief. 

The Insight 

The campaign was set to launch during the global Covid-19 pandemic, so there was a level of sensitivity and caution towards travel restrictions and travel safety. It was imperative that we took this into account from a communications and logistical standpoint. 

The Advice 

We sourced the most exclusive, unique and distinctive properties from all over the U.K. and presented a list of 40 for E.ON to whittle down to just nine. They ranged in size, location, look and feel, from secluded beach houses and lakeside hideaways to Highland retreats, always focusing on locations with the cleanest air quality. 

The Lasting Impression 

All of the winners were able to choose a time to travel that was right for them when it would be safe to do so. Bookings were made fully flexible in relation to the pandemic, and our fulfilment managers remained on hand to reassure and guide winners through the process. So far, we have had a handful of winners travel and have received glowing feedback that has reflected positively on E.ON as a brand.