Expedition Coors Light

Expedition Coors Light

The Objective

Coors light tasked us with creating a bespoke trip for their campaign ‘Expedition Coors Light’ that mirrored the brands adventurous spirit in both the city and wilderness for a group of influencers. The objective of the campaign was to improve consumer engagement and generate conversation about the brand with their target audience.

The Insight

Expedition Coors Light’ aimed to bring to life the emotional benefit of the brand (revitalized, & ready for what’s next) through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The idea behind the concept was to evoke the adventurous spirit of the pioneers and the American frontier. In order to deliver a trip that brought these aims to life, the team brainstormed concepts and mapped out potential experiences in the home of Coors light- Colorado. We crafted the trip for a handpicked group of influencers that appealed to the Coors light target audience. The trip took place in Denver, to give the group a slice of city life before heading to a luxury private ranch.

The Advice

We meticulously planned the trip to mimic the Coors light vibe perfectly. After spending a night in Denver and visiting the Coors Field Stadium for a private tour, the influencers were flown to Dunton Hot Springs, a private ranch just for them to experience a range of bespoke experiences such a dogsledding, ice climbing and heli-skiing. With branded room drops, Coors infused gastronomy and food pairing all examples of the brand living throughout the trips every moment.

The Lasting Impression

This incentive not only generated chatter and content through the use of hand-picked social influencers, but the content dialled up consumer engagement and awareness of the brand mission and values to their target audience. Overall, the goals of the campaign were achieved and exceeded, not to mention a very happy client.