Airbnb: Live Anywhere on Airbnb

Airbnb: Live Anywhere on Airbnb

The Objective

As part of our long-standing relationship with Airbnb, we were asked to strategically consult on the running of the ‘Live Anywhere on Airbnb’ campaign and assist in finding their programme participants. We were tasked with vetting and judging all incoming entries to help select 12 final winners, whilst also offering our strategic consultancy services along the way.

The Insight

We have previously assisted on many other Airbnb campaigns including:

– Night At…BBC’s Blue Planet
– The Italian Sabbatical
– Night At…The Louvre
– The Antarctic Sabbatical
– 100 Cooks Italian Scholarship
– The Bahamas Sabbatical
– Tokyo 2020 Athlete Travel Grant

On each of these Airbnb campaigns we provided some or all of the following services:

– Multi-territory promotional assistance
– Strategic consultancy
– Entry moderation (including text, photo and video moderation)
– Entry judging in more than 12 languages
– Video interviewing and scheduling
– Main point of communication with all winners/volunteers
– Group travel logistics and bookings
– All travel bookings and scheduling made in house
– Airbnb branded itineraries provided to Airbnb team and winners
– Visa, vaccination and travel support

Using this insight into the Airbnb processes from our campaign expertise, we were able to develop a strategy for the ‘Live Anywhere’ campaign that would be memorable and noteworthy.

The Advice

The campaign ran across 33 countries and received over 314,000 entries. We ensured that søster judges vetted all valid entries, narrowing it down to just 150 finalists. We creatively led and analysed these shortlisted videos on various criteria. This further narrowed us down to our top 40, who we booked and conducted interviews with. After one more round of shortlisting, we personally spoke with the remaining 20 finalists in one day, across 6 different time zones.

We gave our impressions and responses to the Airbnb panel who made the final executive decision on their 12 participants for the programme. We maintained the Airbnb level of service across all finalists, managing all incoming queries and questions.

The Lasting Impression

You can read more about our 12 lucky but well-deserved winners here: For Airbnb, the impact of this campaign was vast. We believe the trend of increasing stays on Airbnb over the last few years is here to stay, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the impact of this campaign helps encourage long-term and flexible living on Airbnb.