One&Only Palmilla: Winning Hearts Through One Amazing Summer

One&Only Palmilla: Winning Hearts Through One Amazing Summer

The Objective

After a brand workshop to re-assert One&Only Palmilla against its local and global competitors, we were tasked as their leading creative partner to develop a campaign aimed at driving bookings during their low season.

The Insight

Our historic strategic work – desk research, interviews, site immersions and workshops – were essential in order to lay the strong foundations for an impactful campaign. Throughout the process, we unearthed and articulated the elements that make One&Only Palmilla unique: the intangible sun-drenched air of glamour, a signature hand-on-heart service, and the people, including an internationally acclaimed barber, surfer, and shaman.

The Advice

We created an overarching campaign line: ‘One Amazing Summer, One Amazing Offer’ that had the flex to capture and communicate the unique selling points and atmosphere of One&Only Palmilla. This became a framework to convert pre-existing guests with a clear sales message and reach potential guests by communicating the leading reasons to visit.

Following a shoot we built a 360 suite of assets: 

– Hero campaign film
6 mini experience films
– Social media
– EDM tactical variations
– Pre-roll video ads
– Web landing page designs
– HTML5 and static display ads 

The content was further brought to life through a Forbes social media takeover, a Sojern travel media network campaign and US PR. 

The Lasting Impression

With a target of $1.5m revenue to make, the campaign totalled over $2.1m revenue, with a ROAS of 9:3:1 proving one of the best successes across the business in a short turnaround. 

The success of this campaign structure also set the groundwork for us to develop their high season campaign “Winter in 100 ways”.