Oykos Yoghurt: On-Pack Promotional Campaign

Oykos Yoghurt: On-Pack Promotional Campaign

The Objective

Oykos is a leading yoghurt brand famed for its luxurious appeal and Greek roots. Oykos was searching for a definitive way to stand out from crowded, refrigerated shelves as the basis for their next piece of major brand activity. Having used a healthy mix of on-pack promotions and sampling in the past, a more robust strategy was the next logical step. With the services of Peter Andre already secured – reinforcing the strong Greek heritage of the brand – we won the pitch to deliver the ultimate immersive brand experiences with Oykos.

The Insight

We curated a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 12 winners to enjoy the chance to spend a week with Peter in a luxury villa in Mykonos, courtesy of Oykos. Every aspect from the villa, including the 150 branded touchpoints to legal compliance and refrigerated shipping was outsourced. From a private wander around the markets of Mykonos to an intimate cooking class and a sunset picnic on the beach; each set of winners was made to feel that they had their time with the star and the brand benefitted from the opportunity to reach many winners over just one event. 


The Advice

Aside from delving into the minutiae of temperature-controlled shipping of yoghurt to Mykonos and the correct weight of cotton for the branded towels that would adorn the sides of the private pool, we also had to manage the specific market expectations for winners from Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s supermarkets. With a different demographic for each store, it was important to create a bespoke set of experiences for each group based around a private meet-and-greet with Peter. 

The Lasting Impression

The brand had never activated a piece of immersive brand engagement on this scale before and the expertise of a dedicated prize management agency proved invaluable. Not only was the villa 100% on brand, but the key touchpoints such as the pool towels, the ‘hunks in trunks’ and the bespoke experiences matched exactly the preceding advertising campaign.  

The campaign video recorded a whopping 3,800,000 views which resulted in 106,000 unique visitors to the campaign website. Based on these results, Oykos registered a 34% uplift in sales during the campaign period. What could have simply been a great prize giveaway actually provided the client with fantastic PR content that they shared across all platforms and generated its own ROI.