Pelagic Fleet: A Creative Way To Say Sorry

Pelagic Fleet: A Creative Way To Say Sorry

The Objective

When a brand needs to apologise to its customer base, effective and authentic communications are key. When the launch of Pelagic Fleet’s new vessel the Socorro Vortex was delayed, they came to us needing help apologising to their expectant customers in a way that was authentic and encouraged their customers to re-book their trip. 

The Insight

Pelagic Fleet is a company that design and deliver adventure diving boats that offer once-in-a-lifetime diving experiences with great white sharks, whales and more. In order to deliver a video that felt personal and heartfelt, we worked with CEO Jorge Hauser, an underwater photographer and marine conservationist, to discuss the best strategy to deliver his message and true self to his audience. 

Through these conversations with Jorge, we saw his genuine respect for the ocean and his dedication to his dream. We decided to use a blended approach of new storytelling footage with Jorge’s breathtaking underwater footage to deliver a video that articulates the unique mission and message of Pelagic Fleet.  

The Advice

The video had to work hard. We had to deliver a story that: 

– Offered a heartfelt apology
Excited audiences about the Pelagic Fleet brand
– Built anticipation for the upcoming trip
– Connected Jorge with his customers

Through detailed interviews with Pelagic Fleet staff, we delivered a video storyboard concept that had the ability to target all the objectives for the video in a short, three-minute film. The concept follows the story of Jorge and his dream to build the world’s best diving fleet. Using Jorge’s impressive underwater photography, the customers got to see a glimpse of what to expect from their trip whilst getting to know Jorge on a more personal level.

The Lasting Impression

The film went on to be nominated in The Travel Video Awards, The Drum Advertising Awards and even won its category at the Travel Marketing Awards.