San Miguel: Experiential Consumer Campaign

San Miguel: Experiential Consumer Campaign

The Objective

San Miguel believes that if you live your life with curiosity and optimism, great things will happen. So with that in mind, the client wanted to create a promotion that would credibly position San Miguel as an ‘experience seeking’ brand, rewarding curiosity and optimism with great experiences. We were asked to create and fulfil a set of eight once-in-a-lifetime, experience-based prizes that would encourage consumers to engage with the brand. These unique and life-enriching travel experiences needed to link with Spanish culture and see winners learning a new skill or benefitting from some local insider knowledge. 

The Insight

We united our team of creative in-house experts and brought together a dream team from across the wider company to produce this catalogue of outstanding ideas. We worked tirelessly together to overcome language barriers, addressing concerns and answering queries from the point of creation until after travel, spanning a period of more than two years. In order to make this experience stand out, our insights told us that using niche local experts for each of the eight once-in-a-lifetime experiences would ensure it was marked as something completely unique whilst adding an educational twist. So, we put out the call to our worldwide network of contacts and enlisted their help in locating specialists in each destination.

The Advice

With a local expert secured in each of our eight destinations, we set about creating a series of incredible, money can’t buy itineraries, including an Amazon survival experience in Ecuador, private access to Valencia’s Las Fallas festival, sailing lessons in Gibraltar and piloting hot air balloons over the hills of Barcelona. Winners were also taught the art of landing feisty Catalonian catfish under the guidance of a championship fisherman, tutored in horse riding in Andalusia by a real cowboy, educated in vital bushcraft survival skills and taught to navigate a yacht using nothing but the stars. They were handcrafted with expert knowledge at their heart, just like San Miguel itself.

The Lasting Impression

The competition web page had 13,792 views and a huge 5,212 competition entries. The campaign also won an IPM COGS Silver Award. We went above and beyond to produce bespoke experiences that had never been given away before; something so much more than just a standard travel package. We also presented winners with a branded hamper before travel, each one tailored to their experience that they could keep as a reminder of the experience.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Black Tomato. We have received amazing feedback from the end client and also from the winners who were able to experience these amazing prizes. Throughout the campaign, they were super supportive and great to work with. We won’t need to work with anyone else in the future.”

San Miguel Campaign Director