SBE: The House of Originals

SBE: The House of Originals

The Objective 

Building on our consultancy work with SBE Hospitality we were delighted to be appointed to create their first brand piece showcasing The House of Originals in a short impactful film. The aim was to capture the core brand values and engage an audience who value individuality, boldness and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

The Insight 

Having laid the partnership foundations through our initial strategic work we were best placed to take on this important launch piece. Tasked with a tight deadline we built on the brand development and insights already gathered to approach the piece resourcefully and creatively to ensure the end result was not compromised.

The Advice 

Stylishly mixing pre-existing property footage, thematic stock imagery and bold copy; our team were able to produce a brand film in under two weeks that was ready for deployment across multi-channel platforms. Ultimately demonstrating the brand’s unique positioning and disruptive approach to the hospitality market.

The Lasting Impression

The film beautifully depicts SBE Hospitality’s bold and dynamic approach to design and served to visually communicate this to its discerning international audience.